Batman vs. Superman Is Actually Justice League, According To Warner Bros. Producer

Justice League

Here’s some interesting news for you on this fine Thursday night. According to Warner Bros. producer Daniel Alter, Zack Snyder’s upcoming Batman vs. Superman is actually going to be the planned Justice League movie. Now, just because Alter is a producer at the very studio this project is housed at doesn’t mean he’s correct, but seeing as he told us that Gal Gadot would be Wonder Woman before she was officially cast, he’s definitely worth listening to.

It’s far from any official confirmation, but when you think about the characters already rumored for casting, embracing the Justice League title makes perfect sense. I mean, we already have Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman confirmed, with Green Lantern and Aquaman heavily rumored to be joining, too. With all that superhero star power, I think it would be silly not to just turn the film into the Justice League movie. Then again, Marvel had separate films for each Avenger before putting them all together. If Warner Bros. were to introduce us to all these new characters at once without giving them their own origin stories first, there might be too much backstory present for one feature film.

Either way, now that we’re into 2014, I think we’ll start hearing a lot more official news on this project, whatever it turns out to be. Rumors are really starting to heat up (see the video below) and it’s just a matter of time now before the studio comes out and tells us exactly what to expect, don’t you think?

Tell us, what do you make of this news? Should Warner Bros. just go ahead and turn Batman vs. Superman into Justice League at this point? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  1. Paulsays:

    *Sigh* It is not going to be a justice league….
    Martian Man Hunter and Aquaman are said not to have an appearance in the film. They had previously stated they didn’t want to do a Justice league just yet and that this is still a “Superman Movie”, just with a few other heroes.
    The Justice League movie will probably be in 2017 like people say and this film will be a Superman vs Batman film or perhaps a trinity if Wonder Woman has a bigger role.

    It doesn’t make any sense to do a JL Movie yet and they know this.

    The reason why it appears to be a Justice League movie is because of all this rumors, a lot of which turn out untrue in the end (like that WW Krypton Origin one).

    1. Batfreaksays:

      Are you suuuuuure?

      1. Maksays:

        Actually Amy Adams and Snyder both revealed it is a SUPERMAN movie with Batman. The other names mentioned will probably get such minimal screen time. She also revealed there will be a chase scene (people are speculating it may be Superman chasing Batman in the batmobile). Imagine how episode that would be!

      2. Paulsays:

        Yes I am sure, If it were a JL movie they would just say it

        Please provide me with any credible information that it is a Justice League movie other than rumors and the speculations of those who are not involved in the project if you believe otherwise.
        I do not trust Daniel Alter due to some of his previous rumors and the fact that he is not attached to the film- thus WB wont let him be the one to make big reveals like this (Especially via twitter)

        Maybe it will have cameos of other JL members but it will still be a Batman vs Superman film.

      3. Batfreaksays:

        lol I was being sarcastic

      4. Paulsays:

        Oh Hahhahaha my bad…
        It’s just that I’m sick of trying to convince people of what is so blatantly obvious

  2. Romello Malonesays:

    I Want It To Be Just A Batman/Superman Movie For The Sequal Of Man Of Steel Having All The Justice League Characters Just Messes Up Movie It Need’s To Have Just Batman And Superman In The Movie

    1. GKNENsays:

      Great idea. Take it to the time when everyone is suspicious of them…though probably not set in the 50s!

      My main worry is that Superman just doesn’t translate well. He’s too strong, too Super. They need to have Batman establish dominance mentally and emotionally over Superman, and give him and Lex a big chunk of Kryptonite each!

  3. kevinsays:

    This is ridicules I really doubt a producer would reveal this via a tweet when afleck and gadot reveal was a big deal. Also this is the same guy who spured the nightwing and doomsday as well as batdrones rumors. He also came out and said he has no part of the film. A highly anticpated film like this were wb is set to make a lot of money is not gonna be reduced to crap like this.

  4. Josh Whitesays:

    it’s not Justice League

  5. Hudson Fabersays:

    I hope they are loosely adapting Darwyn Cooke’s The New Frontier. That story introduced several characters without having to delve into back-stories. Going reverse-Marvel would set DC/WB apart. If they pull it off well, they’ll get a ton of respect. This is exactly the kind of risk they need to take to get back in the game.

  6. S.H.I.E.L.D.AgentJedesays:

    **URGENT**. I repeat. **URGENT**.

    On twitter January 9th, @SHIELDAgentRoy asked @DAlter007 “Warner Bros isn’t seriously considering calling upcoming Man of Steel movie “Justice League” are they?”

    @DAlter007’s responded saying,

    “I don’t really know/can only hope.”

    Thus, the belief that what Daniel Alter said implies that he could know the movie’s title is DEBUNKED. This not being posted by any else is almost amazing.

  7. ok-for-araysays:

    By adding any Hero’s to a Superman movie directed by Zach Snyder completely screws around with the original story Snyder tried to tell. Let’s be honest Snyder F’d himself with the whole ” The world is not ready BS ” I mean they killed off Coster in the film to drive home the idea that a SUPER HERO from another planet would FREAK the whole world. Now .. we are to believe there is a whole league of super heros nobody knew about ? Snyder Sucks and they should FIRE him.

  8. ok-for-araysays:

    And..another thing. if Nolan was brought in to over see the original Man of Steel .. how the hell did Nolan approve Superman bleeding by a robot scratching him?

    How did he approve him getting knocked out trying to stop the oil rig from falling.
    Where did that Superman suit come from again ? The ship frozen in time 20,000 years ago ? Come on…Nolan you should have caught that.

  9. GKNENsays:

    Sorry, but I’m worried about this movie as I thought Man of Steel was utter garbage. Try as they might, Superman just doesn’t translate well to the big screen.

    Just as the Avengers was powered by Iron Man, any Justice League movie will only challenge the Avengers success if it is powered by Batman.

    In addition, they simply have to have origin movies for the main characters that are joining – Wonder Woman and Aquaman. Changing Green Lantern would be good too! That movie was even worse than Man of Steel!

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