Wayne Trailer Gives Batman The Logan Treatment


Logan seems to be all that anyone can talk about right now, and with good reason. Unique and quite unlike anything we’ve seen from comic book movies before, James Mangold delivered a stunning final outing for the clawed mutant, showing us that you don’t need huge set pieces, a boatload of special effects or even a PG-13 rating to score a huge win in the genre. Thankfully, people are sitting up and taking notice of that and now, a whole host of superheroes look set to follow a similar path.

One character who likely won’t be going the stripped down, R-rated route, however, is Batman. Given the way that Warner Bros. is currently handling the Caped Crusader over in the DC Extended Universe, it’s not likely that we’ll get a more mature, character-driven film for the iconic hero any time soon – which is quite unfortunate. What would such a thing look like, though? Could it possibly work out? And would audiences even be into it?

Thankfully, you don’t have to wonder about any of that, as this new trailer we’ve put together for you answers those very questions and more. Titled Wayne, it’s cut using footage from Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and done in the style of Logan‘s second trailer, complete with Patrick Stewart’s narration and the track “Way Down We Go.”

Mostly focusing on Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne, it provides a fun look at how Zack Snyder’s 2016 film could have turned out had the studio taken a different approach to things. You’ve still got a handful of action/effects shots thrown in for good measure, but there’s a heavier spotlight placed on the man beneath the mask, as it peels back the layers of what makes him such a complex figure, resulting in a very intriguing watch.

Take a look at the Wayne trailer up above and let us know what you think of it. Would you be into seeing the Caped Crusader given the Logan treatment somewhere down the road? Sound off in the usual place!