Justice League Writer Says Joss Whedon’s Version Was An Act Of Vandalism

Justice League Batman

Fans had already embraced Zack Snyder’s Justice League as the definitive version of the movie long before the HBO Max exclusive premiered, and it’s finally brought a sense of closure to one of the most notoriously troubled productions in Hollywood history. However, even now there are still reports emanating that continue to paint the extensive reshoots in a hugely unflattering light.

When Joss Whedon stepped in to replace Snyder behind the camera, the filmmaker also drastically overhauled the script initially written by Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice‘s Chris Terrio. As well as making wholesale changes to the dialogue and storyline, it’s been claimed that up to 75% of the movie was reshot under the strict instructions of the Warner Bros. boardroom, who also dictated that Justice League run for no more than two hours, which is why it clocked in at precisely 120 minutes.

Since then, Ray Fisher has made a string of serious allegations regarding Whedon’s behavior on the set of the $300 million blockbuster, while most recently it’s been reported that the director’s disagreements with Gal Gadot saw him threaten the Wonder Woman star’s burgeoning career. In a new interview, Terrio didn’t pull any punches when asked about his opinion on the theatrical edition of Justice League, but he admitted that he wasn’t involved so he’s not privy to how the Buffy the Vampire Slayer creator conducted himself.

It would be safe to say that everyone’s much happier with the four-hour Justice League that continues to dominate the headlines after three weeks, although it still hasn’t been enough to change the minds of the studio brass about the future of the SnyderVerse. At least not yet, anyway.