Unused Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice Concept Art Shows Us What Could’ve Been


By now, most of us DC fanboys have just about gotten over the comic book juggernaut’s latest cinematic debacle, Justice League. Seemingly doomed from the start, what was supposed to be a life preserver for the franchise has ultimately placed the supergroup and its members in even deeper, murkier water. That’s certainly unfortunate, doubly so when you consider the disappointment that was Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Speaking of which, early concept art for the misjudged superhero epic has been revealed today and fans may want to take a look at it. Shown at a DC exhibition in the United Kingdom, the image depicts a different locale for the epic confrontation between Superman and Batman.

The concept art features the two heroes staring each other down in front of what appears to be a few dilapidated apartment buildings. According to director Zack Snyder’s longtime cinematographer Larry Fong, who was replaced by Fabian Wagner on Justice League because of a scheduling conflict, the reason they opted against having the gladiators battle it out on these streets was due to the scheduled city’s plan to demolish the surrounding buildings, which would have served as the backdrop for the scene.

Regardless of the location, the Man of Steel and the Dark Knight’s colossal entanglement in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice will not be soon forgotten, especially by those appreciative of the divisive film. It might be a foregone conclusion that Snyder won’t helm another feature for DC, but his work will certainly live on so long as us fanboys are breathing.

Circling back to the DCEU itself though, and thankfully, it looks like it’s headed for calmer waters now, what with early positive reactions to James Wan’s Aquaman and production on Wonder Woman 2 getting underway in May. Whether WB will be able to deliver on both those projects remains to be seen, but we’ll keep our fingers crossed and will continue to keep you posted should any further updates arise.