Early Test Screenings For Aquaman Praise The Action And Emotion


Championed as a “totally different beast” to the vastly underwhelming Justice League, James Wan’s Aquaman promises to inject some much-needed fresh blood into the DC Extended Universe. And not a moment too soon. After all, the franchise is in desperate need of a hit right now, and all eyes are on Arthur Curry’s standalone adventure to see if it’ll be able to deliver just that.

Of course, without any footage to dig into, it’s far too early to tell how things will turn out, but apparently, the film has already begun its test screenings and according to Batman-News at least, the reactions seem to be pretty positive. The outlet took to Twitter to share that they’ve spoken to two sources so far and both of them enjoyed Aquaman.

“So far two different sources told me they loved #Aquaman! There’s tons of action but it’s a very emotional movie as well,” reads the Tweet.

Jason Momoa in Aquaman

At this point, we probably don’t need to tell you that test screenings can be misleading. If you recall, Suicide SquadBvS and Justice League all had “positive” screenings for test audiences as well, and look how they turned out. That being said, there is a cautious sense of optimism beginning to build around Wan’s upcoming pic and at this point, we can only hope that these two sources that Batman-News spoke to are right in their assessment of the movie.

We should get the chance to start forming our own opinion quite soon, too, as we imagine the first trailer will swim online shortly. After all, filming on Aquaman has already wrapped ahead of its December release, when we’ll see Jason Momoa square off against a triad of power-mongering antagonists comprised of Patrick Wilson as Arthur Curry’s half-brother, Orm (AKA the Ocean Master), Yahya Abdul-Mateen II as the sinister Black Manta, and Dolph Lundgren as Nereus.

With two DCEU appearances already under his belt – yes, that’s counting the blink-and-you’ll-miss-it cameo in Dawn of Justice – Arthur Curry will finally get that long-anticipated standalone movie when Aquaman docks in theaters on December 21st.