See Costumes And Go Inside The Batmobile In Detailed Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice Photos

UPDATE: Warner Brothers has officially released some high-resolution photos from the Expo, which have now been added to the gallery.

The Licensing Expo in Las Vegas kicked into high gear today, and Warner Brothers pulled out all of the stops with a massive Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice display, which features the new Batmobile and the costumes of DC’s holy Trinity: Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman.

The Batmobile and costumes have already been revealed, of course, but this is the first time WB has displayed them publicly, giving those at the expo unfettered, close-up access to them. Thankfully, those very patrons have snapped a slew of photos and put them online for our viewing pleasure.


The photos provide our best look at the Batmobile yet, as they go inside the cockpit, which is tricked out with plenty of the high-tech gadgets we’ve come to expect from the Wayne Enterprises vault. We also get a great new view of Wonder Woman’s outfit, along with her sword and shield (which are inscribed with Ancient Greek writing).

Check out the photos in the gallery above and be sure to keep a weather eye on We Got This Covered throughout the day, as there will likely be more reveals as the Las Vegas Licensing Expo continues.

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice will hit theaters on March 25th, 2016.