Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice IMAX Featurette Emerges, Snyder Says Movie Was Like “The Impossible Version Of Watchmen”

Long before Zack Snyder found himself knee-deep in the DC canon, flanked by more comic book icons that he could shake a batarang at, the 300 director helmed Watchmen, a film many consider to be one of the finest R-rated superhero movies in recent memory.

When it comes to Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, though, Snyder admitted that his soon-to-be-released blockbuster shares a handful of the political commentary and moral conundrums found in Watchmen, even going so far as to say that Dawn of Justice is “the impossible version” of his adaptation of Alan Moore’s beloved comic.


Chatting with the Wall Street Journal about Warner’s imminent tentpole, here’s what the director had to share:

“It’s all about the ‘why’ of superheroes: the political why, the religious why, the philosophical why,” he said about ‘Dawn Of Justice,’ which he says is “a little bit” of the continuation of the ideas in “Watchmen.”

“Once you’ve absorbed that material, there’s no way it doesn’t resonate with you, especially when you’re dealing with characters like Batman and Superman and Wonder Woman, who are basically the trinity. In some ways, this will be, I hope at its really best, the impossible version of Watchmen.”

In tandem with Snyder’s intriguing interview, Warner Bros. has premiered a string of new behind-the-scenes photos for Batman V Superman. And they’re coming in hot behind a new IMAX featurette (via EW), that sheds light on Snyder’s directing process and much more.

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice will descend on theaters come March 25. Keep your peepers peeled for our own review to hit We Got This Covered in the coming days, while the IMAX featurette below ought to be enough to sate your appetite – and then some.