Batman Will Fight In David Ayer’s Suicide Squad; Ben Affleck Gushes About Starring Opposite Task Force X



March 25 is a day that will be long remembered – for better or worse. That said, Warner Bros. brass aren’t the only ones eager to get the ball rolling on their ambitious DC Expanded Universe; with two roles locked for 2016, Ben Affleck recently spoke about his excitement to appear alongside the eccentric members of Task Force X in David Ayer’s Suicide Squad.

Photos from the Toronto set may have unceremoniously spoiled the surprise that the Caped Crusader would appear in Ayer’s villain-centric offshoot, though the director himself noted that the cameo isn’t simply fan service, and that Affleck’s Bats will come in winging. “We made him fight,” Ayer told USA Today. “He’s awesome [as Batman].”


During the interview, the outlet also talked to Ben Affleck about his central role in the DC Expanded Universe, though the actor conceded that he’s “bound by nondisclosure clauses a mile long” about both Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad. Outside of those restrictions, however, Affleck was able to offer his own two cents on the anti-hero feature, one which he’s “really impressed” with – “It felt like I have such a cool cousin!”

In closing, Zack Snyder weighed in on the discussion to stress how the two DC films releasing in 2016 are only the “cornerstone of the beginning,” effectively laying the groundwork for the two-part ensemble Justice League film followed by standalone features for Cyborg, Shazam, Green Lantern and many more.

Following a lead role in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice on March 25, Ben Affleck will continue his reign as the World’s Greatest Detective for David Ayer’s Suicide Squad on August 6.

Source: USA Today

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