Hollywood Walk Of Fame Says Carrie Fisher May Not’ve Wanted A Star


Carrie Fisher is an icon of Hollywood, becoming forever ingrained in the popular zeitgeist after appearing as Princess Leia in Star Wars. Her last on-screen appearance is fast approaching with Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, and the battle to include her on the Walk of Fame continues to rage on.

As of now, she has a placard in the courtyard of the Chinese Theater, dedicated by the theater itself after her death in 2016. However, her co-star and legend in his own right, Mark Hamill, has been championing to remove Donald Trump’s star and replace it with his on-screen sister.

Despite loads of fan support though, the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce has no plans to remove Trump’s tribute, which sucks. Spokeswoman Ana Martinez even went on to say that nobody can be sure that the late star would even want to be included on the walk. “She never submitted for a star,” Martinez stated, before continuing on to say that a family member could still potentially apply for a spot on the fifth anniversary of her passing. The CoC states that five years must pass before an application for a deceased individual can even be considered, so 2021 remains a possibility.

Honestly, I loved Carrie Fisher, and not just for that dumb golden bikini. She was one of the most successful and funniest ghostwriters Hollywood had, punching up numerous scripts through the 2000s. Hell, she even gave George Lucas story notes for the prequels, perhaps averting even worse disasters in the process.

I’ll never forget her appearance as a wacked-out comedy writer on 30 Rock, either. As much as it pains me to say it, I don’t think Carrie would have shelled out $50,000 just to get a star that people literally walk over constantly. She was a strong, independent force of nature and I feel like she’d maybe be in the boat of “Hollywood Star = Selling Out.”

I’m speaking on behalf of a woman I do not know, however, so take my opinions for just those: opinions. But she was headstrong and subversive, sharp as a tack and filled with irony. She was buried in a giant Prozac pill, for crying out loud. She was awesome, but I feel like her memories are much more poignant than a greasy star. I’m glad I got to see Mark Hamill’s when I was in Lalawood recently. I even got to spit on James Woods’ star (I couldn’t find Donald’s).

But, seeing that fan-dedicated placard was fulfilling, as well, knowing the people put it in. In any case, I sure hope her send off in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is worthy of her grace.

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