Star Wars Fans Demanding That Carrie Fisher Get A Hollywood Walk Of Fame Star


Carrie Fisher is a bona fide screen legend. Obviously, she’s most famous for appearing as Leia Organa across the internationally adored multi-billion dollar Star Wars franchise, but she also lit up theaters in innumerable smaller performances (my favorite being her turn in The Blues Brothers), not to mention being a script doctor for films like Sister ActIntolerable Cruelty, Hook and The Wedding Singer. So, why on earth hasn’t she been honored with a star on Hollywood’s iconic Walk of Fame?

This omission has been widely noted online and has now resulted in a campaign to get her the recognition she deserves. After all, if Harrison Ford and Mark Hamill both get one, it stands to reason that Fisher should as well. Plus, Donald Trump’s star (presumably awarded for his absolutely unforgettable appearance in Home Alone 2) is about to be removed because it’s been repeatedly vandalized.

In fact, Trump’s removal was recently publicized by Hamill, who suggested on Twitter that once Trump’s star was jackhammered into oblivion it should be replaced by one honoring Fisher. The idea has caught on in a big way, too, resulting in the hashtag #AStarForCarrie and a torrent of demands on social media.

After all this, I think it’s only a matter of time that Fisher gets the place she deserves amongst the legends of the silver screen. I can only join the chorus of people who are surprised that she doesn’t have one already and am wholly supportive of her getting one. So, come on West Hollywood City Council, pull your finger out and give the public what it so clearly wants.

Plus, with December’s Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker set to feature her final on screen performance (albeit assembled posthumously), what better time than 2019 to put these plans into action?

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