Beast Wars Movie Will Reportedly Be On Similar Scale To Avengers: Endgame


History has shown on numerous occasions that audiences will lap up a big budget blockbuster that boasts an epic scale, set pieces driven by an awe-inspiring sense of spectacle, and at least a slight sci-fi influence. In fact, out of the five movies in history to have earned over $2 billion at the box office, James Cameron’s Titanic is the only one that isn’t an intergalactic actioner, while twelve of the 20 highest-grossing films ever made all boast a science fiction element.

Takings may have dropped off a cliff between Age of Extinction and The Last Knight, but Michael Bay’s Transformers certainly proved the rule up until a certain point. Each new installment was the subject of increasingly dismal reviews, but they could always be relied on to bring in big bucks from theaters as audiences continued to ignore the critical consensus and enjoy them for the mindless entertainment they were.

A reboot is scheduled for release in June of next year, but there’ve been near-constant rumblings that James Vanderbilt’s Beast Wars script is edging ever closer to being given the official green light to enter production as well, and insider Daniel Richtman is now claiming that the story positions the spinoff as a major event picture with a sense of scale comparable to Avengers: Endgame.

“[It] will be as big as Endgame a HUGE event set mostly in space,” he says.

Those familiar with the Beast Wars lore will be completely aware that it holds that kind of potential, and Transformers fans would be fully on board with what’d essentially be a feature-length intergalactic war movie that’d make Bumblebee‘s widely-praised opening sequence on Cyberton look quaint by comparison.