New Venom Shot Takes Us Into Eddie Brock’s Home


With Spider-Man now rubbing shoulders with the Avengers over in the MCU, Sony is moving forward with its own shared universe headed up by other anti-heroes and villains from the Spider-verse. With projects such as Silver & Black and Morbius the Living Vampire on the way, first out the door is Venom, starring Tom Hardy as the symbiote’s host Eddie Brock.

So far, we haven’t seen much of the movie, save a few set photos and videos which gave us a glimpse at Hardy in character as Brock. As it’s still early days on the production – filming only began on October 23rd – the movie’s official Twitter account is just teasing us with oblique behind the scenes shots every now and then. They’re not much, but the latest is a selfie from Hardy himself, captioned “Home.” From that, we can gather that this was taken on the set of Brock’s abode in the film.

Previous shots that the account’s given us include a blurry pic of Hardy that marked the beginning of production and another of the former Dark Knight Rises star taking a break from filming. These aren’t the most thrilling images, then, but every little glimpse helps us gather an impression of what Venom is going to be like.

Of course, what fans are really counting on is the big reveal of Hardy as the titular symbiotic anti-hero. Previously, we learned that the Venom suit would be created with motion capture CGI, which suggests that we could be waiting a while to see the final effect. In fact, it probably won’t be unveiled until the first teaser trailer lands. However, an early rendering or concept art might be shared at some point, if we’re lucky.

Directed by Zombieland‘s Ruben Fleischer, Venom also stars Michelle Williams (reportedly playing Brock’s former wife Ann Weying/She-Venom), Riz Ahmed (potentially portraying Carnage) and Jenny Slate (said to be cast as a scientist). It’s set to shoot into cinemas on October 15th, 2018.