Behind-The-Scenes X-Men: Apocalypse Photo Showcases Staggering Egyptian Sets


If there was ever any doubt about Bryan Singer’s commitment to practical effects for X-Men: Apocalypse, the director’s latest Instagram post should put any lasting doubts to bed. Showcasing a towering statute of Anubis, the Egyptian god of the afterlife, the image wouldn’t look out of place in a modern-day rendition of Indiana Jones, and it’s evident that Singer and his creative team are pulling no punches when it comes to recreating the sun-kissed home of Oscar Isaac’s titular menace.

Granted, as we learned a fortnight ago, Fox will also be implementing green screen shots into the backdrop of these scenes – largely filmed in and around the Egyptian capital of Cairo – though the fact that the production built a portion of the environment will make a marked difference when the final product lands in cinemas next summer.


At the ripe old age of 5,000, Apocalypse is considered by all to the very first mutant who, after awakening from a rather lengthy slumber, seeks the ruination of humanity and mankind alike as he looks to cleanse the four corners of the Earth. To do so, he’ll need assistance from the Four Horsemen; a superpowered group that includes Psylocke, Angel, Storm and Michael Fassbender’s Magneto.

Despite distancing himself from the scene following the events of Days of Future Past, it is the latter mutant who finds himself dragged back into the fray, locking horns with his former friend, Professor X (James McAvoy).

Here’s Bryan Singer’s latest post from the Cairo set.


This takes me back to #raidersofthelostark #notallgreenscreen #xmen #xmenapocalypse

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Bryan Singer’s X-Men: Apocalypse will arrive in all of its mythic and mighty glory come May 27, 2016.