A Beloved 90s Film Has Been Dominating Netflix All Week

Jurassic Park

When it comes to naming the biggest, best and most beloved summer blockbusters ever made, Jurassic Park should be at the top of almost everyone’s list. Not only is it one of the most purely entertaining and thrilling movies to come out of the Hollywood studio system, but Steven Spielberg’s classic is also one of the most influential.

As well as becoming the highest-grossing film in history when it first hit theaters in 1993, the pic’s continued popularity saw it finally cross the billion-dollar threshold following the 3D re-release to celebrate its 20th anniversary, while Jurassic Park‘s legacy changed the way blockbusters were made forever as high-concept fantasy and boundary-pushing visual effects became the industry’s latest obsession, and ultimately the norm.


The franchise itself is still going strong today, too, with Jurassic World and sequel Fallen Kingdom both earning well over a billion dollars each at the box office. And by bringing back original stars Sam Neill, Jeff Goldblum and Laura Dern, the currently-shooting Dominion could be the biggest hit yet for the resurgent series, as director Colin Trevorrow looks to go all-in on the nostalgia for the sixth installment.

Even though Jurassic Park is almost three decades old and you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone with even a passing interest in movies that hasn’t seen it yet, the iconic adventure rocketed onto Netflix‘s most-watched films list shortly after becoming available on the streaming service at the start of this month. It certainly says a lot about the pic’s enduring legacy that the two direct and vastly inferior sequels are also on Netflix but are nowhere to be seen in the Top 10, while the original continues to prove so popular among subscribers that it’s remained on the chart for several days now, floating in and out of various spots.