A Beloved Benedict Cumberbatch Movie Continues To Dominate Netflix

Benedict Cumberbatch

With just a few days left until Halloween, it’s not shocking that Netflix’s Top 10 list is littered with spooky movies. What is a surprise, however, is that a family-friendly Christmas film is also dominating the streaming service. Benedict Cumberbatch‘s The Grinch continues to be a favorite for subscribers, who have once again consumed the pic enough to place it at number seven on the chart.

This is the fourth consecutive month that the animated feature has earned a spot amongst the most-watched flicks on the platform. While the other titles are continually rotated in and out, this 2018 family-friendly effort has remained a staple at the top for nearly half of 2020. And now that the holidays are quickly approaching, it’s likely that it’ll continue its impressive run all the way through the end of the year.

The most recent remake of the classic tale chronicles the story of a how one green grump (voiced by Cumberbatch) almost ruined Christmas for hundreds of people. The titular protagonist has long abhorred the year-end holiday, despite how much the citizens of a nearby village seem to love it, and when their over-the-top celebrations are amplified to an intolerable magnitude, the cranky creature decides to make them pay by stealing the festivities right out from under their noses.

While critics may have been lukewarm on the movie, it didn’t stop everyone from coming out in droves to see it in theaters. The film cashed in big time at the box office by pulling in a massive $511.6 million, which earned it the distinction of being the ninth-highest grossing feature that year. And even now, it’s clear that the public’s love for this Benedict Cumberbatch effort hasn’t diminished at all.