Ben Affleck Not Expected To Return For The Batman


Though The Batman is without a doubt DC’s most anticipated film still lacking a release date, we haven’t had much concrete news to report on. For now, though, it appears that director Matt Reeves will indeed recast the titular hero, while we’ve also been told that the Penguin may feature prominently. But again, we’ve been given no official word from Warner Bros. on any of this.

That being said, it’s very possible we could have much more to discuss in the near future. For one, Reeves supposedly turned in his second draft last month, while a new report has pegged the movie for a possible spring 2021 release. As such, we’re hopeful that someone in Hollywood has some loose lips and gives up the goods soon.

Until that happens, though, Forbes is here to shed more light on the situation and falling in line with everything we’ve heard so far, they’re stating that Caped Crusader’s next standalone outing will focus on Bruce Wayne’s younger days, which means that Ben Affleck won’t be involved.

“There are still fans hoping he returns to the role after all, but right now the project is still firmly written and planned for a new, younger version of Batman portrayed by a different actor,” writes the outlet. “While we should never say never in Hollywood, the fact is it would require a significant change in plans and situations for Affleck to rejoin the project, and I don’t expect that to happen.”

As the article says, we should never say never, and with the studio still refusing to open up on the subject, we suppose there’s always a chance that we may be surprised in the end and they’ll find a way to work Affleck into the film. That being said, we wouldn’t hold our breath.

After all, give that the DCEU is being heavily revamped, it’s likely that the Caped Crusader’s next movie will try to distance itself somewhat from the character’s less-than-beloved prior outings. Plus, if Wonder Woman 1984 can steer clear of the events of Justice League by being set in the past, then perhaps it only figures that The Batman would do the same.

Regardless, we’ll be sure to keep an ear out for any further updates on the situation and let you know if we hear anything in the way of concrete confirmation from Warner Bros. For now, though, it truly looks like Affleck’s out.

Source: Forbes