DCEU Producer Can’t Confirm Whether Ben Affleck Will Star In The Batman


It seems like ever since Ben Affleck first signed up to play Batman in the DC Extended Universe, people have been discussing when he would leave the part. Due to the backlash against Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, rumours have said that Affleck’s initial enthusiasm for the role waned (or Wayned) and he’s been looking for a way out ever since. Obviously, the star has denied these claims, but his own responses from time to time have suggested he’s already thinking of hanging up his cowl for good.

Now, we have some new comments from DCEU producer Charles Roven which are similarly hazy. While talking with The Washington Times, Roven touched base on the reports that Affleck would not be playing the title role in The Batman, the upcoming solo movie from director Matt Reeves. Roven stated that, while to his knowledge, Affleck is signing up for the film, he’s unable to “say anything for certain” due to the project still being in flux at the moment.

“From everything I know, he’s going to play that Batman. They’re retooling the script, so I can’t really say anything for certain.”

Obviously, this isn’t the most encouraging thing Roven could have said, and it definitely suggests there are ongoing discussions about Affleck’s longevity in the role happening behind the scenes. Still, most signs, including Roven’s initial comments, point towards the actor staying on for at least The Batman, so let’s assume that’s what’s happening.

But, just for the sake of argument, what would happen if Affleck does decide to bow out of the franchise? Well, there are a few options open to the studio – including the obvious idea to simply recast the part. Perhaps the smartest move, though, might be to retire the Bruce Wayne character, as well. Maybe whoever gets to play Dick Grayson in Chris McKay’s Nightwing could take on the mantle, as in the comics?

Time will tell, but what we know for sure is that Ben Affleck is definitely Batman in Justice League, which opens in theaters on November 17th.