Ben Affleck’s Role In The Flash Rumored To Have Been Expanded

Image via Warner Bros.

Fans jumped for joy when it was first announced that Ben Affleck was ending his self-imposed retirement as Batman to return in The Flash, continuing the budding mentor/protege dynamic between Bruce Wayne and Barry Allen that we first saw in both versions of Justice League.

Then, they collectively lost their minds when Michael Keaton was also announced to be returning as the Dark Knight for the first time in 30 years, setting up a face-to-face that nobody ever thought they would see. However, expectations were tempered somewhat when reports emanated that Affleck was only on set for a week, indicating that his role might be more of an extended cameo than that of a full-blown supporting player.

Not according to Giant Freakin Robot, though. As per the outlet, a “trusted and proven” source has informed them that Affleck’s screentime has been increased significantly after Warner Bros. and DC Films decided to give the actor a sendoff worthy of his popularity as Batman.

Of course, this is the exact opposite of what we heard in the last batch of reports, and while GFR claims that The Flash will be Affleck’s final outing under the cape and cowl, we’ve also heard chatter to the contrary in that regard. Ever since he was first revealed as part of the cast, conflicting stories on the scale of his involvement have been the norm, so we won’t really know where the truth lies until much closer to the movie’s release in November 2022.