New Details On Ben Mendelsohn’s Captain Marvel Villain Surface


Some actors just have a knack for playing villains, so when they’re cast in a new project we just take it as red that they’re going to serve as the antagonist of the piece. Rogue One‘s Ben Mendelsohn is one such actor, and when he was cast in Captain Marvel earlier this year, we just assumed he’d play the part of Carol Danvers’ first nemesis on screen in the MCU.

We did somewhat jump the gun, though, as that was never confirmed. Until now, that is. Yes, Mendelsohn’s reported to be playing the villain in next March’s Captain Marvel. What’s more, it’s also said that he’ll be portraying a Skrull general in the movie.

The fact that the Skrulls are involved in the film is nothing new, of course, as the shapeshifting alien race’s presence in the pic was announced at last year’s San Diego Comic-Con. Due to their importance in the comics, it’s fully expected that the Skrulls will appear many more times in Phase Four, so if Mendelsohn’s playing the leader of the race, then it’s possible he could return for future installments.

It’s interesting that the report claims Mendelsohn’s portraying a general, too, as there’d been some speculation that he was playing the Skrull emperor. This suggests his villain will be someone who can maybe face Brie Larson’s heroine in person and on the battlefield though, rather than a Palpatine-type figure who pulls the strings from behind the scenes. We can assume that Mendelsohn’s character will lead an assault on the Kree, as well, seeing as Guardians of the Galaxy‘s Lee Pace and Djimon Hounsou are back as Ronan and Korath.

On the side of the angels, Samuel L. Jackson and Clark Gregg are also returning as Nick Fury and Phil Coulson, respectively, and you can catch Captain Marvel when it flies into cinemas on March 8th, 2019.