Ben Schwartz channels Miles Teller after seeing ‘Top Gun: Maverick’

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Ben Schwartz is letting the world know that not only did he love Top Gun: Maverick, but that he’s now sporting a look that would make Goose himself smile from the heavens.

Something the Tom Cruise-starring film nails so perfectly is not only delivering breathtaking aerial dog fight scenes but bringing back that cheesy ’80s optimism we loved so much about the first film, such as the pilots engaging in bare-skinned casual sports with pals on a beach and bravely rocking an upper-lip caterpillar, even if it lacks the thickness of a Burt Reynolds.

And apparently, this was an attitude adopted by Shwartz in a new video he posted on Twitter. After exiting a multiplex, Schwartz is asked how he liked the film. After proclaiming he “loved Top Gun,” he then removes his mask to reveal he is now sporting a mustache in very much the same style as Miles Teller’s Rooster in the film.

Schwartz seems taken aback when the person taking the video asks, “What’s that?”

Touching the ‘stache with his fingers, Schwartz mutters, “What the f–k?” and slinks away, as if the facial hair simply sprouted spontaneously on his lip through the course of the movie.

“Never go full Rooster, Ben. My god,” was one commentator’s reaction.

“Soooo you sayin you walked in a boy came out a man? lol,” another Twitter user wrote.

Another Top Gun: Maverick fan posted a reply, revealing they similarly transformed after watching the movie.

Top Gun: Maverick, and all of Teller’s mustachioed glory, is in theaters now.

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