Ben Stiller Directing And Starring With Cate Blanchett In Remake Of British TV Classic

Ben Stiller

Ben Stiller has drastically slowed down his output on either side of the camera in recent years, making just a handful of film and television appearances and cameos. Furthermore, he hasn’t directed a feature since he followed would-be awards season favorite The Secret Life of Walter Mitty with the misguided and ultimately dire sequel Zoolander 2.

However, Stiller is set to pull double duty on a very interesting-sounding project, one that already comes attached with the gift of Cate Blanchett. As per Deadline, the duo are set to topline a theatrical remake of British TV cult classic The Champions, which ran for 30 episodes between 1968 and 1969.

the champions

Once you hear the premise, you’ll get the impression that Stiller and Blanchett may end up taking the movie down the comedic route. The small screen version of The Champions saw a plane carrying three United Nations representatives crash in the mountains, where they find themselves rescued by a secret advances civilization dwelling in Tibet.

Granted increased intellectual and physical abilities, the trio return to the outside world Law, Order and Justice, collectively known as … you got it, The Champions. While you could admittedly play that completely straight as a superhero origin story, it’s too nuts not to have a little fun with it.