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Benedict Cumberbatch says ‘Doctor Strange 2’ is a ‘genre buster’ for the MCU

The MCU is about to get shaken up.

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Benedict Cumberbatch is waking up with America as the anticipation for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness grows. This weekend, the film hits theaters, and Cumberbatch shared more about the twists, turns, and terrifying nature of opening the multiverse.

First and foremost, Cumberbatch is all about embracing the element of horror as he explains more about the film with Good Morning America.

“It’s kind of got a little bit of everything for everybody. It’s a little bit of a genre buster this and I think it’s — I hope it’s going to be one of the jewels in the crown of the MCU. It’s a really fun writer to write — Sam Raimi is at the helm so there are horror elements, which are very new, the darker tone and jumpscares and the shock horror that are Sam’s trademarks.”

Cumberbatch couldn’t share much about the cameos, but he is thrilled about them and said the cast is phenomenal.

There are some wonderful returning cameos. There’s a newbie on screen who I can’t talk about — the rest I’m afraid, there are just a couple more sleeps and everyone can see it.

He’s also excited about playing variants of Doctor Strange to “turbocharge” his character development, and as fans have seen from clips and trailers, those variants will bring the MCU we know and love face to face with epic fear and terrifying encounters.

Making the first actual horror film in the MCU was also something Cumberbatch feels lucky to have been a part of. He also feels fortunate to have worked with his co-star, Elizabeth Olsen, who he says would win against him in a fight.

In sharing more about the state of the world right now, including that Cumberbatch and his wife are opening their home to refugees from Ukraine, Robin Roberts noted that we all need a movie like this one right now. Calling him a gentleman and thanking him for an outlet, Roberts acknowledged that we can’t ignore what’s going on around us, but we can take a moment to breathe.

“Movies have a role to play; they’re a confection of distraction, and that’s fine right now. I think people need a little bit of that in our lives.

Besides reprising his role as a master of the mystic arts, Cumberbatch will be on television screens this weekend, May 7, as a guest host on Saturday Night Live. He tells GMA‘s hosts:

“I had my first meeting yesterday with the team and I’m already really excited about the show. We have some really funny ideas.”

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness hits theaters on May 6.

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