Benedict Cumberbatch says ‘Doctor Strange 2’ reshoots aren’t over yet

doctor strange in the multiverse of madness

Reshoots are almost always built into the schedule of every major studio blockbuster, but that hasn’t stopped fans from growing a touch concerned about the extensive additional photography on the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

While much of the doomsaying can be boiled down to nothing more than rumor, speculation, and scuttlebutt, Benedict Cumberbatch admitting that he still hasn’t finished shooting his scenes for the sequel less than seven weeks out from the May 6 release date could be cause for worry.

When asked on the BAFTAs red carpet if he was enjoying being back home in the United Kingdom, the actor admitted that he was “having a very nice time doing reshoots for Doctor Strange“, making it clear that he wasn’t just in the country to show up for an awards ceremony and have some fun.

Sam Raimi first called action on Multiverse of Madness back in November 2020, but thanks to a combination of the pandemic and reshoots that have been going on for much longer than anyone could have anticipated, he still hasn’t locked the picture sixteen months later.

The incredible trailer alleviated many concerns among the fanbase that the reality-bending epic was in any sort of danger, and we’ve got the utmost faith that Raimi, Cumberbatch, and Marvel Studios will deliver a comic book spectacular that lives up to expectations.

The cast and crew are cutting it very close, though, but it surely won’t be too long until we get another brand new trailer to try and replace any sense of trepidation with outright excitement.

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