Best Comic Book Films/Shows

Ever since the big comic book resurgence that really started with the MCU and the first Iron Man film, we’ve seen a massive influx of comic books recreated on the big screen. Now that Marvel has finished its biggest arc that culminated in the defeat of Thanos, a lot more non-Marvel comic book adaptations are seeing the light of day.

Shows like The Boys and Invincible are showing us the darker and more realistic side of superheroes existing in the real world. On the other side of the spectrum, movies such as Deadpool and Suicide Squad are more comfortable residing in the realm of absurdity. One thing is for sure, comic book media is seeing some truly unique developments. Here are a couple of comic films and shows that like to do things a little differently.


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At first glance, Invincible seems like a pretty standard superhero show, the animation and characters are exactly what you’d expect from something of its ilk. However, when the titular hero Mark Grayson first starts getting his powers the show becomes a bloody and harsh look at the reality of super-powered beings existing among regular humans. It does just about everything right for a comic book series.

The Tick

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The Tick throws just about any semblance of nuance or levity out the window. This is a ridiculous superhero show, and it wants you to know that. Firmly in the category of comedy, this show follows the titular tick along with his sidekick as they try to uncover a criminal underground.

The Boys

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The Boys was, ironically enough, made by someone who has stated outright that he hates superheroes, so he made a comic book to reflect that. In many ways, The Boys can be seen as the anti-superhero show. The heroes are essentially corporate puppets, and they are far from decent. If you needed a little nihilism in your life, The Boys is a great place to start.


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Hellboy is a comic book staple at this point as an unlikely hero with a demonic presence. While many comic books edge a bit closer to the science fiction side of things, Hellboy has his feet firmly planted in the realm of fantasy. Hellboy is one of the more iconic characters from Dark Horse comics, and for good reason.

Guns Akimbo

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Daniel Radcliffe seems to have really enjoyed working on some wonderfully absurd films since his days as Harry Potter. Guns Akimbo is certainly one of those cases. Radcliffe’s character gets knocked out and has guns mechanically attached to his hands to fight in an illegal battle royale. That’s pretty much all you need to know.

These movies and shows stretch what it means to be a superhero program and it’s nice to see so much diversity in their styles. As long as you don’t mind some tongue in cheek humor, you’re sure to find a new obsession from at least one of these!

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