Beyond Glory Feature Film Earns Backing Of James Cameron, Jon Landau And Gary Sinise


Lightstorm Entertainment’s Beyond Glory, a film to be based on a play that was initially adapted from a book, has just gained some major backing.

First picked up by The Wrap, the war-time feature has attracted the support of both James Cameron and Jon Landau – joining the fray as executive producers – and now the Larry Brand-directed picture will cast the net in search of a distributor.

Penned by and starring Stephen Lang, Beyond Glory is based on journalist Larry Smith’s novel, a sprawling, multi-faceted piece that documents World War II and its horrors through eight Medal of Honor recipients. During its run in theaters circa 2004, the play version of the drama earned praise for its delicate handling of the subject matter, and that’s a sentiment Jon Landau will look to continue with the feature film, stating that “there are many movie heroes but few movies about real heroes. Beyond Glory is one of those movies. It is important to recognize and celebrate the sacrifices men and women make in service to our nation.”

Indeed, the play was able to incorporate performances from all across the globe when it walked the boards more than a decade ago, and it’ll be fascinating to see how that scope translates to the silver screen. War-time dramas have and always will be compelling viewing when told right, and all signs point to Larry Brand’s feature film has us feeling cautiously optimistic. In closing, Gary Sinise echoed Landau’s sentiments: “It’s my honor to help tell the amazing stories of eight of our country’s greatest military heroes in Beyond Glory. This film is a tribute to their service. It inspires, entertains and passes on to future generations the ideals and values the medal represents.”

It’s still too early to peg a release date on Beyond Glory, with the next step in the process for Brand’s feature to nail down a distributor. But we’ll keep you posted nonetheless.