14 Big New Movies Arrived On VOD And Streaming This Weekend


The weekend is here, meaning that another batch of movies are arriving on VOD and the various streaming services to keep viewers occupied as the theatrical industry remains virtually locked down, and in keeping with the theme of the last few months, the list features a star-studded Netflix original, several titles that have been pulled from cinemas and sent straight to streaming instead, the standard batch of low-budget genre entries and additions to the content library of a freshly-launched platform.

There’s certainly no shortage of options for those who find themselves struggling to flip on something they’ve never seen before, which is a very real problem these days with viewership numbers for all streaming services surging across the board, as the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic continue to wreak havoc on everyday life but play right into the hands of the money men in the boardrooms at Netflix, Amazon and HBO Max.

Jamie Foxx’s superhero thriller Project Power looks like it’ll be the biggest hit of this week’s releases, and another worthy addition to Netflix’s hot streak of in-house movies, while Tom Hardy fans that didn’t want to shell out to see the latest addition to his extensive collection of weird accents can now catch Josh Trank’s comeback vehicle Capone as part of their Amazon subscription.

Action, thriller, comedy, horror, family films and more are all well-represented in this week’s crop of additions, and you can check out the full list below along with the platform where you’ll be able to find them.

  • Project Power – Netflix
  • The One and Only Ivan – Disney Plus
  • Spree – Digital
  • Sputnik – Digital
  • Magic Camp – Disney Plus
  • Monstrous – VOD
  • Endless – Digital
  • Behind You – Hulu
  • Valley of the Gods – VOD
  • Capone – Amazon Prime
  • The King of Staten Island – Amazon Prime
  • Carmen & Lola – Digital
  • The Silencing – Digital
  • Birds of Prey – HBO Max

Some of the movies listed above are a lot more recognizable than others, but the VOD market has thrown up some real gems over the last few months with people seemingly a lot more willing to check out the sort of things they wouldn’t necessarily pay full ticket price to go and watch in the theater. That being said, a quick glance at the list would suggest that Netflix, Amazon and Disney Plus will once again boast the most popular releases of the week.