The Internet Is Loving Tom Hardy’s Latest Weird Voice In Capone Trailer


Ever since first gaining mainstream attention thanks to a breakout role in Christopher Nolan’s Inception, Tom Hardy has gone on to establish himself as one of the most reliable actors in the business, known for dedicating himself entirely to his roles and rarely giving a bad performance.

Over the years, the 42-year old has earned comparisons to The Dark Knight Rises co-star Christian Bale, mainly due to the similarities in their meticulous preparations for every movie they make, and the fact that a lot of people aren’t entirely sure what their natural accents are when they’re away from the big screen.

London-born Hardy has utilized a wide array of dialects and voices throughout his career, some of which are much more intelligible that others, and one of the main selling points for forgotten and recently-renamed biopic Capone among the actor’s fans is how he would tackle the titular gangster’s thick New York drawl.

Well, the trailer finally dropped yesterday along with the news that the movie was bypassing theaters entirely and heading straight to digital, and you can check out some of the reactions to Hardy’s latest vocal stylings below.

It seems strange that a movie like Capone, which features a big star burying themselves under prosthetics to sink their teeth into the role of an infamous real-life character, isn’t getting a theatrical release, but the production hasn’t been without problems. Shooting finished almost two years ago, but it remained without a distributor for a long time before being picked up by Vertical Entertainment and shunted right onto digital, which could have something to do with the project marking Josh Trank’s return to filmmaking for the first time since Fantastic Four destroyed his reputation and nearly killed his career.

In any case, you can decide for yourself if it was worth the long wait when Capone releases on May 12th.