The Resurrected Superman Fight In Justice League Was Originally At The Start


With the ugly caterpillar that was the DCEU shaking off its chrysalis to emerge as the (hopefully) beautiful butterfly that is Worlds of DC, it’s looking like our chances of ever seeing the fabled Snyder Cut of Justice League are dwindling by the day.

While multiple scenes from the original version from the film have been released and leaked online, there’s still much we don’t know about what the director’s vision for the pic looked like. Now, however, a little piece of the puzzle has fallen into place thanks to Marc McClure, who played Jimmy Olsen in 1978’s Superman: The Movie and had a cameo as a police officer in Justice League.

In an interview with YouTube channel JVS, McClure talked about his experience working on the project and dropped a couple of hints about the original structure of the movie, saying:

“There’s a big fight sequence in the park, where Superman’s statue was. And it was more at the beginning of the film. … So it all got kinda changed around. I’m not quite sure why it was, whether it just didn’t work with the story, I think it was such a hard sequence with the fights and everyone kinda together where they wanted to save that moment. That would be my guess on that.”

McClure goes on to point out that he appears in the original Justice League trailer being saved by Cyborg – though that trailer is now somewhat notorious for containing very little footage eventually found in the finished film. Still, he takes time to thank Geoff Johns for ensuring that he continues to be involved in DC Universe projects, mentioning that he could next perhaps pop up in Supergirl.

By this point, the various mysteries and backstage dramas of Justice League have eclipsed the movie itself. To be fair, that’s not a particularly high bar to clear given how forgettable it was, but I’d almost want to see a warts and all documentary about what exactly went down during production rather than whatever kind of Snyder cut they could cobble together.

And hey, though Warner Bros. have said they have no plans to release it, that doesn’t mean it’ll never be released. After all, we eventually got to see the Richard Donner cut of Superman II – albeit 26 years after its theatrical debut. So, by that metric, we should expect the Snyder cut no later than 2043. I’ll make sure my diary is free.