Warner Bros. Has No Plans To Release Zack Snyder’s Cut Of Justice League


We hope you weren’t holding your breath on the off-chance that Zack Snyder’s fabled Justice League cut would be rolled out at San Diego Comic-Con

Per The Wall Street Journal, a senior Warner Bros. executive has now confirmed that there are currently no plans to release an alternate version of Justice League – not now, and perhaps not ever – which will no doubt disappoint those DC enthusiasts who have spent the past seven months campaigning for the fabled Snyder Cut.

Going one step further, WSJ’s anonymous source also shut down reports that the ensemble pic will be present at SDCC. Over the past few weeks, ardent Snyder supporters looked to the trade show as something of a last chance saloon – if Justice League wasn’t mentioned during Warner’s presser, then hopes of a director’s cut would certainly fade. And fade fast.

Alas, if The Wall Street Journal’s sources are on-point, only a rough assembly cut was made, and Zack Snyder never had any intention of releasing it into the wild.

People who worked on Justice League say that while Mr. Snyder did assemble a rough cut after he finished principal photography in late 2016, the director never said he intended it to be released. They add that Mr. Snyder oversaw the new scenes Mr. Whedon wrote the following winter and had planned to shoot them himself before the death of his daughter prompted him to leave.

So while Aquaman and Shazam! have each booked their place ahead of Saturday’s main event (Wonder Woman 1984 has likely snuck onto the guest list, too), those holding out hope for an alternate version of Justice League needn’t bother.

Via WSJ:

Warner Bros. has a huge presentation planned for Comic-Con this Saturday to promote upcoming superhero movies including Aquaman and Shazam! The studio isn’t planning to mention a Snyder cut or to release any alternate versions of Justice League.

There has been some blowback to the Wall Street Journal’s article – primarily from Twitter users with ‘#ReleaseTheSnyderCut’ in their username – so it’s clear not everyone is convinced by this latest Justice League tidbit. Either way, we’ll leave you with the “bottom line” from the outlet’s Ben Fritz: