New Frame From Zack Snyder’s Justice League Cut Emerges


One day, I’m hoping that Zack Snyder’s cut of Justice League sees release on home video, not just because I’d like to enjoy it for myself, but also due to the fact that I’d like to see the endless debate on whether it exists finally come to an end. Sure, it may not be there in its purest form because the studio had their mitts deep into the production once cameras started rolling, but everything shot under the auteur’s watch is indeed lying around somewhere.

Being a longtime fan of DC-based movies myself, I find it strangely humorous that WB got themselves into a situation parallel to what went down with Superman II decades beforehand, but the film industry is always full of surprises.

So, while we ponder the possibilities, storyboard artist Jay Oliva is back in time to receive another round of high-fives. In this instance, he’s sharing something originally intended for the Snyder cut, specifically a shot of Cyborg, the superhero who knows the details of your browser history.

From what we can tell, the above image posted on Twitter shows Victor Stone separating the three Mother Boxes during “the Unity,” but with some minor visual differences. Perhaps this course of action was also key in thwarting Steppenwolf’s plans, though we did recently receive knowledge that Snyder’s original vision for the film’s third act would’ve been much more grandiose than what was offered by the theatrical cut.

While today’s treat isn’t entirely earth-shattering, something tells me Olivia may be sharing more goodies from his time on Justice League, for he did hashtag this bad boy with “Release The Snyder Cut.” Given that, it’s probably safe to say he’s joined the movement.