Gorgeous Justice League Concept Art Reveals Zack Snyder’s Version Of The Third Act


The urban legend of Zack Snyder’s cut of Justice League grows even bigger today with yet another string of previously unseen concept art. Featured in the gallery down below, it depicts the could-have-been third act of Snyder’s version of the movie, and from what we can see here, he apparently planned for an epic, sky-based skirmish, a more Kirby-esque Steppenwolf, a larger role for Aquaman and, of course, a darker color palate than what we got in theaters.

The photos themselves are impressive and will certainly embolden fans who’ve been rallying for an official release of Synder’s version of the film. I mean, the sky is darkened by an army of Parademons and Batman‘s picking them off with a mounted gatling gun. Steppenwolf, meanwhile, looks more ominous and foreboding while casually scorching the Earth beneath him, and Aquaman‘s back in Atlantis to possibly gather reinforcements. It’s all pretty awesome stuff and I’d have bought a ticket to see the film three times if this had been what made it into theaters.

All jokes aside, though, these images only make the prospect of a Snyder cut all the more interesting. The director’s been very vocal on social media lately, hinting that the Whedon version bore little resemblance to his original vision. And with his regular stream of Tweets, unreleased footage and unseen art, he sparks more and more speculation among the fanbase with each passing day. Now, these new photos and their unrealized potential of a grander battle than what we saw in the actual release will surely make the conversation all the more lively.

Regardless of what happens, the fan outcry for a Snyder cut will be remembered as the stuff of Hollywood legend. Whether it’s the petition that currently stands at over 178,000 signatures or the seemingly daily chatter and gossip about this intriguing cut of the movie, there’s a heartwarmingly stubborn fanbase that demands to see the Snyder version of Justice League. And with any luck, maybe they’ll get their wish one day.