Does IT Star Bill Skarsgård Have A Role In Deadpool 2?


There’s a lot to unpack in that great Deadpool 2 trailer that dropped this week (including a hilarious jab at Justice League‘s moustache woes). One of the most intriguing things, though, is trying to work out what’s going with the Merc’s new team.

It’s safe to say that no one was expecting Terry Crews to pop up in the film, but speculation has been building about who the other mutants were in the background. Rumors are swirling that they’re an early version of what will become the X-Force, probably containing some members of the ‘Six Pack’ group affiliated with Deadpool and Cable.

Now, Omega Undergound thinks they’ve figured out who at least one of the members is – Bill Skarsgård (see screenshot below). Yup, Pennywise himself. This isn’t a name plucked from the blue – the case is that Skarsgård has just worked with Deadpool 2 director David Leitch in Atomic Blonde (Eddie Marsan, also in Atomic Blonde is already confirmed for the pic). In a slightly more circumstantial bit of evidence, Karan Soni, who plays Dopinder, liked a Tweet putting forward the theory.

Now, none of this is a slam dunk as far as confirmation goes, but I think it’s safe to say that it could be Bill Skarsgård back there. It’d certainly make sense for the superhero line-up to have a bit of star power, especially as they’re surprising us with the appearance of Terry Crews, and given the all-conquering success of IT, you can bet that the Merc with a Mouth will squeeze in a couple of clown jokes at Skarsgård’s expense.

Either way, we’ll know for certain pretty soon, as Deadpool 2 releases on May 18th, though before then we should get more trailers and TV spots that’ll hopefully give us a closer look at exactly who’s on the team.