Billie Eilish Thinks Michael B. Jordan Should Be The Next James Bond


Billie Eilish is already winning 2020. The young singer-songwriter cleaned up at the Grammys, taking home five awards including Record of the Year and Best New Artist and as of now, has the number one song in the UK with “No Time To Die,” which is the new theme for Daniel Craig’s last turn as James Bond. It’s also Eilish’s first number one hit across the pond.

She’s currently promoting (and performing) her new track and when asked who she thinks should take over for Craig in the iconic role, she didn’t hesitate to answer, saying:

“Michael B. Jordan would kill that shit.”

Of course, Craig’s exiting the role after 14 years and to say his enjoyment of playing the character has been up and down would be an understatement. He famously stated a few years ago that he’d rather slit his wrists than portray Bond again. He eventually reconsidered such a painful and life-threatening proposition though and instead allowed a giant dump truck full of money to be backed into his driveway.

As for his replacement, Jordan’s a candidate who hasn’t been mentioned very much and I’m not sure the UK would go for a non-British actor taking over the role. The usual suspects of Henry Cavill, Tom Hiddleston and Idris Elba are usually at the top of the list and even Tom Hardy gets a few mentions every once in awhile. My dark horse candidate was always Dan Stevens. After seeing him in The Guest, I feel he’s more than capable of bulking up and becoming a believable James Bond.

If I had to put money on it today though, Richard Madden would probably be my pick. He’s young, devilishly handsome and in demand. I love Jordan as an actor, don’t get me wrong, but a fake British accent would be too distracting. Americans just can’t pull off strong accents the way Brits can. That’s why they’ve been playing our superheroes for so long.

Source: MovieWeb