Billy Dee Williams Loved Solo: A Star Wars Story


Alden Ehrenreich and Donald Glover stepped into some pretty enormous shoes when they signed on to play Han Solo and Lando Calrissian in Solo: A Star Wars Story. Both characters are iconic, and both were portrayed by actors lauded for their performance in the Original Trilogy. But now, at least Glover can breathe a sigh of relief as, according to reactions coming out of the film’s premiere, Billy Dee Williams has given the actor’s take on the role a big thumbs-up, saying that he loved Solo and approved of Glover as Lando.

This is the just the latest positive reaction to the Anthology pic, of course, which has people describing it is a “ton of fun,” being “full of surprises” and having “more feels … than Infinity War.” Glover’s performance is garnering particular praise, with folks calling it “legit fantastic” and the actor being so magnetic on screen that we should expect a Lando spinoff to be announced before the end of the year.

It’s not all sunshine and roses for Solo: A Star Wars Story, though. A common reaction has been that the first act is clunky and that the film seems to take a while to find its feet. Also worrying is a relative lack of praise for Ehrenreich’s performance as Han Solo. It’ll be interesting to see if Harrison Ford ever comments on the movie and whether he thinks the young actor’s nailed it or not.

Regardless, it looks like Solo: A Star Wars Story is going to be yet another excellent installment in Donald Glover’s current hot streak. Not only has his TV show Atlanta deservedly picked up a Golden Globe, with its second season winning praise from all quarters, but his jaw-dropping “This Is America” video has kicked off a wave of cultural examination. Now, it looks like he’s going to dominate in that galaxy far far away, and we can’t wait to see what he’s got in store for us.

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