First Online Reactions Call Solo: A Star Wars Story An “Absolute Blast”


Not to be outdone by Deadpool 2 (see the first reactions here), Lucasfilm has today lifted the official Twitter embargo for Solo: A Star Wars Story, opening the floodgates to a sea of online positivity.

As reported by CBM, a number of critics have now posted their preliminary thoughts on social media, and the general consensus appears to be that Lucasfilm and Ron Howard’s Anthology pic is an “absolute blast,” one that whisks viewers off on a journey filled with many twists and turns.

In fact, if Peter Sciretta of /Film is to be believed, Solo‘s story is chock full of unexpected events, so be wary of Marvel-level spoilers over the next two weeks. Other critics are more reserved in their reviews, stating that the Star Wars origin story takes a little while to find its feet, but once it does, Alden Ehrenreich owns the titular role, and there’s nothing but love for Donald Glover’s performance as the young Lando Calrissian. No surprise there, really.

Via Twitter:

And here’s another helping of Twitter thoughts, just to drive the point home that, yes, it appears Ron Howard pulled off the impossible and delivered a Star Wars Anthology pic that’s every bit as thrilling and entertaining as Rogue One before it.

Alden Ehrenreich in Solo A Star Wars Story

Okay, one more batch just for good measure…

Expect the review embargo to lift on Tuesday, May 15th, which really shows the level of confidence that’s currently swirling around Solo. Indeed, those Twitter reactions will surely boost the film’s box office projections, after it was reported that the Lucasfilm spinoff was headed for a record-setting Memorial Day weekend. And now? The sky’s the limit, really…

Solo: A Star Wars Story hits theaters in exactly two weeks’ time.

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