Bird Box Star Refuses To Reveal One Of The Film’s Biggest Mysteries


If John Krasinski’s A Quiet Place dabbled with elemental fears (spoilers: the monsters hunt by sound alone), then Bird Box focused its attention on another primary human sense: sight.

Yes, Susanne Bier’s Netflix sensation thrust Sandra Bullock and her screen family into a world plagued by grotesque, supernatural creatures – omens of death, essentially – that cause people to die by suicide or, worse, force others to look. The only defense? To avert thy eyes at all costs, though sadly Sarah Paulson’s character, Jessica, failed to abide by that golden rule, and paid the ultimate price.

The soon-to-be Glass star wasn’t in the movie for very long, but such is Paulson’s acting capability that she still left an impression – so much so, in fact, that many are still wondering exactly what Jessica saw in the moments before her death.

Indeed, Bloody Disgusting put that very question to Sarah Paulson during a recent interview, to which she replied:

Oh, that’s something I’m not going to share. I mean, it’s sort of the magic of moviemaking. I will tell you I was looking at nothing. There wasn’t even a green piece of tape for me to look at. I was just looking straight ahead. I think my car was being pulled, being towed so it looked like I was driving. I just had to stare off into the middle distance and freak the fuck out.

That’s right; even if Paulson knows the finer details of Jessica’s death, including the horrors she supposedly witnessed, she has no intentions of revealing what is undoubtedly one of Bird Box‘s biggest mysteries – otherwise she risks ruining the film’s sense of intrigue.

Because let’s face it; that intrigue is part of the reason why Bird Box became so popular in the first place, as Netflix subscribers tuned in to see what all the fuss is about. And, really, the less said about the so-called Bird Box challenge, the better.