Birds Of Prey Has An Avengers Reference You Might’ve Missed


Birds of Prey and The Avengers pretty much sit at opposite ends of the comic book movie genre. Apart from the whole Marvel/DC thing, BoP is much more irreverent in tone, the ensemble cast is made up of lesser-known characters and its budget is much smaller than the MCU’s mega blockbuster. However, they have one notable similarity that you might have missed, as both the Birds and the Avengers celebrate beating the bad guy by getting a meal.

You’re no doubt all familiar with the post-credits scene of The Avengers. Following Iron Man returning through the portal above New York and succeeding in shutting down the Chitauri, he jokes that he’s up for going for some shawarma. In the tag sequence, we then see Earth’s Mightiest Heroes chowing down in silence, looking tired and worse for wear but enjoying their meal nonetheless.

Over in Birds of Prey, meanwhile, Harley suggests that she and her new gal pals get some Mexican food after their showdown with Black Mask and his goons. Once the villain is blown up, the Birds tuck into some burritos. They’re in a much better mood than the Avengers, though, with Renee, Black Canary and Huntress, in particular, excitedly swapping compliments about how badass they all were in the fight. Apart from wanting Margaritas, Harley’s ulterior motive for the meal is filling Cassandra Cain up with food so she’ll finally, um, pass the valuable Bertinelli diamond in her digestive system.

These two scenes come in very different films but they share the same purpose: to show that the titular super-team has built a rapport. For the Avengers, the shawarma sequence shows that the group has evolved into friends. For the Birds, it shows that at least Dinah, Helena and Renee are now close. Of course, BoP‘s twist on the idea is that Harley soon runs away with Cass, showing that she still doesn’t play well with others.

Unlike The Avengers though, Birds of Prey isn’t making a huge impact on the box office, so whether the Birds will assemble again in a sequel is currently unclear.

Source: ScreenRant