‘Black Adam’ director admits he had no idea who the antihero was

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in character as Black Adam
DC Films

Barring Dwayne Johnson having serious skeletons in his closet or David Zaslav needing another tax deduction, Black Adam is still coming out this year. It will bring a new character to the DCEU and, one its director did not know of before, too.

Jaume Collet-Serra reveals the fact in a new profile of the project published by Vanity Fair today. He says this informed him during the shooting of the movie, and, as a result of Adam being little-known and empowered from the start, the work is atypical.

“I did think about that a lot because I didn’t know about Black Adam either. It’s not your typical superhero movie where a guy wants to be a superhero and gets the powers, and then you spend 50 minutes trying to figure out how the powers work. This is a movie where you introduce Black Adam right away, and then throughout the movie you slowly peel back the onion and reveal what happened.”

Elsewhere in the piece, Collet-Serra reiterates he sees Johnson’s character as being similar to the Dirty Harry film series’ titular character, and Johnson also adds when Adam awakens in our world in the film, he will end up being as stubborn as the worst mule.

“His view of this world that he is brought back into—the current world, now, after 5,000 years—is very myopic. There’s no room or space for him being wrong. There’s no room or space for anyone else’s opinion. There’s only room and space for him justifying anything that he does because of his pain. And he pushes and pushes and pushes and does not see any other way. It’s very black and white.”

Audiences will get a look at how the character makes his way in the world Oct. 21.