‘Black Adam’ IMAX sneak peek teases antihero epic


The new IMAX sneak peek for Black Adam is teasing an epic antihero origin story starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in a role that represents a passion project for the wrestler-turned-actor for years.

“My powers are not a gift but a curse” is how the teaser starts off while Johnson’s Black Adam is forced to watch the execution of what appears to be a loved one.

Rather than being bestowed upon him by a wizard for moral righteousness — like his superhero counterpart, Shazam — Black Adam’s powers were “born out of rage,” he says.

With stunning visuals and some epic battles with the likes of Pierce Brosnan’s Doctor Fate, among others, Black Adam is shaping up to be DC’s big tentpole wager.

While Warner Bros. recently shelved another DC film slated for release on HBO Max, Batgirl, it seems the theatrical releases are, so far, still going full steam ahead.

Johnson has been a name attached to Black Adam since all the way back in 2007, back when his movie career was still in its early phase. And it’s extraordinary to think such a project was envisioned before the DC Extended Universe was even a glimmer in WB’s eye at the time.

However, with Black Adam being a character in the Shazam! universe in the comics, it’s arguably only a matter of time before Johnson’s version of the character intersects with other characters from DC’s shared cinematic storyline — especially when you consider WB’s Shazam! Fury of the Gods is hitting movie theaters just a couple of months after Black Adam‘s premiere.

Black Adam comes thunder bolting into theaters on Oct. 21.