Black Adam Post-Credits Scene Will Reportedly Tease A Superman Showdown

Black Adam

I’m going to ask you to join me on a flight of fancy for a second. I want you to imagine a future without quarantines and lockdowns and isolations and stockpiling. That’s because this article concerns a movie that hasn’t come out yet, and the future in which it does has adapted to the coronavirus, or the coronavirus has been eliminated. Now we’re really in a flight of fancy.

Got that all settled then? Splendid. Let’s crack on with the show.

The movie in question is Black Adam, and we’ve now heard a little bit about its planned post-credits scene from our sources – the same ones who told us Viola Davis would return in The Suicide Squad and a Green Lantern show is coming to HBO Max. Apparently, it’s going to tease a Superman showdown, with both the Man of Steel and Shazam learning of Adam’s existence, before committing to going after him.

As always, this carries the “nothing set in stone” disclaimer, as things can always change before production begins. But this, we’re told, is what the studio currently wants to do. And in regards to Supes, in particular, it’s still undecided who’ll play him. It could be Cavill, as Johnson reportedly wants him in the film and back in the role, but WB aren’t too keen on working with him again, from what we understand. And so, a stand-in may be used.

In any case, if this scene goes ahead as planned, Black Adam vs. Superman could be rolling into a cinema near you in the not too distant future. That’s me going back to the fancy. It’d be the Batman V Superman sequel we never expected – or asked for, truth be told. Whatever the showdown looks like, I hope it’ll be better than it sounds.

Regardless, it certainly seems like the studio is setting up Supes and Black Adam to cross paths in a future film and the post-credits scene of Dwayne Johnson’s first DCEU movie might just plant the seeds for what’s sure to be an awesome brawl.