Black Adam Producer Teases Bringing The Spectre To Live-Action

the spectre

Even though the world’s biggest movie star is playing the role, a lot of causal audiences may never have even heard of Black Adam before Dwayne Johnson’s blockbuster comic book adaptation finally entered production after almost fifteen years stuck in development hell.

Having an A-list megastar and proven box office draw in the lead makes it a lot easier for Black Adam to utilize lesser-known figures to populate the rest of its supporting cast, with the Justice Society of America set to play significant parts in the story alongside Adrianna Tomaz and plenty of others who haven’t been confirmed as of yet.

In a new interview with The Illuminerdi, Black Adam producer Hiram Garcia was asked about the possibility of bringing cult favorite antihero The Spectre into live-action, and he hardly denied that it’s something of interest to him.

“I’m always intrigued by characters like The Spectre that is so unbelievably powered and kind of the second half of them is rooted in this gritty grounded space. So, look, all I can say is, I can’t tell you the chances, but I can tell you that at Seven Bucks we do not stop. Like Hawkman and Black Adam, we do not stop fighting for opportunities to tell these stories.

And look, he comes from two sides. We want to tell the stories, but secondly, we just want to see that the stories are told as best as they can be. There’s a lot of characters out there that we love, that we are continuing to campaign for, to able to tell their stories and get them into the universe we’re crafting here with Black Adam and the JSA and so forth. But I don’t know, my friend.

I think a lot of it will also be dictated by how Black Adam comes out. If the fans love it, if the fans love Super-Pets, which I’m confident in both those projects. But as storytellers, we’re always going to fight to try and get our hands on some of those beloved characters and bring them to life because it’s the best kind of storytelling there is, right? This is what it’s all about, my friend.”

The Spectre is essentially a spirit of vengeance not too dissimilar to Marvel’s Ghost rider on paper, but that would be selling it very short. Jim Corrigan, Crispus Allen and Green Lantern Hal Jordan have all assumed the mantle in the pages of DC Comics over the years, with Corrigan’s version a murdered Gotham City detective who finds himself resurrected as a force for justice while continuing to moonlight in the police force.

A supernatural superhero procedural could definitely work as either a feature film or HBO Max series, so it can’t be ruled out that we may be seeing The Spectre one day, whether that’s under Garcia’s watch or not.