Black Adam Star Says Dwayne Johnson Is Incredible In The Movie


Dwayne Johnson is a much better actor than he often gets credit for, although you can understand why his abilities regularly come in for criticism when he essentially plays the same archetypal character over and over again, but that’s been more than enough to turn him into the most popular and highest-paid star in the industry.

As interesting as it would be to see The Rock take some more risks, actively look to prove his dramatic capabilities and dive headfirst into a project that doesn’t cost at least $100 million, his upcoming schedule indicates that the chances of that happening at any point in the near future are slim to none. However, one of his co-star’s on next summer’s Black Adam says he’s incredible in his first superhero blockbuster.

Sarah Shahi, who was most recently seen in Netflix’s headline-grabbing Sex/Life, plays Adrianna Tomaz in Jaume Collet-Serra’s comic book adaptation. In the comic books, Tomaz goes on to inherit the mantle of Isis, so the actress may end up getting some powers of her own. In a new interview, the 41 year-old teased that we should expect big things from Johnson’s performance.

“The Rock was incredible, DJ was awesome. We had an incredible cast on Black Adam. He’s super funny, he’s very professional and is incredible in this role.”

Having remained attached to the project for fifteen years, Johnson has made it abundantly clear that he’s looking to reinvent the entire genre with Black Adam. Whether he manages to accomplish that or not remains entirely up for debate, but it’s exciting for fans to know that one of the most famous faces on the planet has sank their heart and soul into the DCEU’s cosmic epic.