Black Adam May Start Filming Next Fall


Considering how long it’s been since Dwayne Johnson was first cast as Black Adam (2014, to be exact), you’d think he’d have played the character in at least one or two films by now. But when you factor in how plans concerning Worlds of DC change every time the wind blows in a different direction in Burbank, none can be too sure.

In the time since, a Shazam! movie has actually gotten off the ground, even if Kahndaq’s protector is entirely absent. Confusing as that may be, other opportunities for him to make his debut had been rumored. One even placed him as being the chief antagonist in Suicide Squad 2, but that’s been shot down.

When it comes to an actual solo outing, though, “The Rock” recently said that late 2019 looks like a good time for filming to commence, but he must first knock down principal photography on Hobbs and ShawJumanji 3 and Red Notice. Corroborating this is Omega Underground, who are back to let us know of a realistic timeline.

According to the outlet, Johnson having a full dance card has everything to do with the delay, but a fall 2019 start is currently being targeted. Keep in mind that a director needs to be attached to this thing in order for it to be made reality, but Warner Bros. have ample time to begin their hunt.

If all goes according to plan, then maybe Black Adam could storm theaters in, say, 2020. I think that because, as of now, Birds of Prey will likely drop that year as well, along with The Batman if Matt Reeves’ project stays on track. I’d imagine the studio would be able to spread out the releases of all three well enough in order to afford each ample breathing room, but nothing can be guaranteed at this point. As always, though, watch this space for more.