Looks Like Black Canary Will Show Up In Birds Of Prey As Well


Just days ago, word got out saying that Huntress is more than likely to appear in the upcoming Birds of Prey movie, an inclusion that we and many of you assumed to be a given. Even so, one can never be too sure of what kind of liberties Hollywood will take with the source material, so it’s important we not take anything previously established for granted. I mean, we know that both Batgirl and Harley Quinn will be the picture’s central characters, but the rest of the roster remains a mystery at this point.

Likewise, Omega Underground is now hearing that Black Canary will be showing up as well, another heroine which readers of the comics would naturally expect to see. Right now, the outlet has yet to receive total confirmation, so they’re treating it as a rumor, but you have to admit that it sounds more than plausible.

Previously, there were conflicting reports regarding Spectre‘s Lea Seydoux donning the iconic leather jacket and fishnets, but even if she doesn’t land the gig, the stars seem to be aligning. What’s unknown, however, is which version of the character director Cathy Yan will settle on, as there are several to choose from. Don’t forget, Arrow has featured three variations to date, so there’s much to consider before cameras start rolling.

What’s also worth mentioning is that Poison Ivy is said to not be included, so it’s very possible we can scratch her off the list. Normally, the Gotham City Sirens spring to mind when we think of her affiliations, but we implore you to remember she was actually part of the Birds of Prey lineup at the start of the New 52, so it’d be possible for Yan and company to place her on either side of the battle if indeed their minds change.

No matter what info the coming months bring, we’ll be sure to keep you posted on all major news pertaining to Birds of Prey, as it seriously has the potential to expose a percentage of moviegoers to a side of Gotham City they’ve never seen before – and make the dreams of us comic book geeks come true in the process.

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