Black Cat is already trending after Sydney Sweeney joins ‘Madame Web’

Marvel Spider Man The Heist

Sony’s Madame Web movie has found its co-lead. Marvel fans were blown away when Dakota Johnson was cast in the title role of the upcoming Spider-Verse spinoff last month, and now the internet is losing it all over again following the news that Euphoria’s Sydney Sweeney has likewise boarded the production. While her role is being kept under wraps for the moment, Sweeney is confirmed to feature in a secondary leading role.

In other words, she’s playing someone important from the comics, and fans are really, really hoping it’s one character in particular. Even though the news is hot off the presses, “Black Cat” is already trending on Twitter as folks are praying en masse that Sweeney has been hired to portray Felicia Hardy, cat burglar extraordinaire and on/off-again love interest of Peter Parker.

Sweeney has long been a popular fancast for Felicia, so some are keeping their fingers crossed that she’s co-starring in Madame Web to set up her own Black Cat movie later down the line.

Others are wondering if she might be Spider-Gwen instead.

Silver Sable is another possible contender.

On the other hand, some aren’t here for such an obvious piece of casting.

A different and arguably more plausible theory goes that Sweeney must be playing Julia Carpenter, the second Madame Web, given her close ties to Johnson’s Cassandra Webb.

From director S.J. Clarkson, Madame Web is just one of several Sony Spider-Verse projects on the way, with Aaron-Taylor Johnson set to star in 2023’s Kraven the Hunter and Olivia Wilde helming a female-centric movie that’s believed to focus on Jessica Drew, aka Spider-Woman. The studio is keen to expand its universe in any way possible, then, so there’s really no telling who Sweeney could be playing. But clearly Black Cat would make the internet the happiest.