Black Mass Helmer Scott Cooper Circling Real-Life Hunting Drama American Wolf


In July, you may recall an event that occurred in Hwange National Park, where the endangered Cecil the Lion was tragically killed at the hands of a dentist/hunter who, inexplicably, had no knowledge that the black-maned beast was something of a local icon. It was a story that occupied headlines for weeks, and a vitriolic response rang out across the four corners of the Internet.

Fast forward to today and The Wrap reports that Black Mass director Scott Cooper is in negotiations to helm a feature film that bears a striking resemblance to that tragic tale. It’s called American Wolf, and it even takes cues from a real-life event of its own, following “a hunter in Yellowstone National Park who accidentally kills an endangered American wolf, and the unlikely friendship that forms between him and the wildlife researcher who works with wolves in the park.”

The project is lifted from Texas Monthly’s Nate Blakeslee and his account on the story itself, which follows the title wolf – codenamed O-Six, aka 832F – which was widely considered to be one of the most popular wild animals not just in Yellowstone, but the entire world. Adored by researchers and park visitors alike, the female alpha predator was something of a natural marvel up until her early demise at the hands of a hunter who, much like the aforementioned story involving Cecil the Lion, accidentally killed the endangered animal. It’s an interesting set-up, and one that couldn’t be more timely.

From what we understand, Cooper is yet to put pen to paper on this new project. It’s in the works at Warner Bros., with Leonardo DiCaprio‘s Appian Way and Kevin McCormick‘s Langley Park also serving as producers.

We’ll keep you posted on all things American Wolf as this develops.

Source: The Wrap

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