Black Panther 2 Could Center Around This Beloved Character

Fans of Black Panther are going back to Wakanda as Black Panther 2 is slated to hit theaters in 2022, and it will undoubtedly be an emotional experience. The film’s lead, Chadwick Boseman, who took on the role of T’Challa, passed away in 2020, leaving friends and fans reeling. Boseman fought a courageous battle against cancer for years, with only a very few people close to him knowing about his journey with the disease.

The parts Boseman played, always treasured, now mean more to his fans than ever before, and one of those roles is that of Black Panther. He stood for good and righteousness. T’Challa was a hero among men, as was Boseman, and his impact on those who loved him will stand the test of time.

Of course, fans began to wonder what the future of Black Panther looked like without T’Challa as the leader, and the decision to move forward with the story of Wakanda and T’Challa’s family was made; there would be another Black Panther film.

Express revealed today that a “tipster” in Hollywood states that the movie will showcase more of Shuri’s story, with Namor being the lead villain. It wasn’t explicitly said that Shuri would be taking on the role of Black Panther, just that the film is set to revolve more around her.

Until Marvel confirms anything, fans won’t know what the forward path of Black Panther 2 truly looks like, and it likely won’t be evident until we’re sat in the theater to watch the movie.

Fans can see Black Panther 2 in theaters in 2022 and expect more information in the months leading up to the premiere. You can watch Black Panther on Disney Plus now.