Black Panther 2 Reportedly Has A Respectful Chadwick Boseman Tribute


Kevin Feige and Ryan Coogler face the unique and unwanted task of trying to deliver a worthy sequel to one of the most commercially successful and culturally important blockbusters in recent history without the presence of leading man Chadwick Boseman, who was hugely important to the development and execution of Black Panther from both a personal and professional standpoint.

However, the start of production on the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s second journey to Wakanda was only delayed by four months as the creative team picked up the pieces following their devastating loss. Yes, Black Panther II is set to kick off shooting in July of this year and will hit theaters twelve months later, which is a quick turnaround for what’s going to be a hugely emotional time for everyone involved.

Feige recently confirmed that there’s not going to be a CGI recreation of T’Challa and Boseman will never be recast, but Black Panther II is clearly still going to pay tribute to the legacy of the actor and the character he brought to such vividly iconic life. We’ve heard plenty of reports about how exactly it’ll happen, of course, and the latest addition to the rumor mill claims that the title hero will be seen in full costume at the beginning of the movie for a “respectful tribute.”

What exactly that will entail remains unclear, but here’s what FandomWire shared:

We’re told that currently, the film’s opening will feature Chadwick’s Black Panther character in costume, for a short, respectful tribute, and send off to the character.

Even having a stuntman suit up as T’Challa might not sit too well with some fans no matter how briefly it would end up being, but Black Panther II faces an incredibly difficult balancing act as it is between honoring what Boseman left behind, while still moving the franchise forward from a narrative perspective without letting either element overshadow the other.