Black Panther 2 Star Says The Sequel Will Honor Chadwick Boseman


In just a few months, the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Black Panther 2 will begin production, in what’s going to be a hugely emotional experience for the cast and crew. As the sequel to a cultural landmark that hauled in over $1.3 billion at the box office, scored the best reviews of any MCU movie and became the first comic book blockbuster to land an Academy Award nomination for Best Picture, expectations are understandably through the roof.

The passing of leading man Chadwick Boseman is going to cast a huge shadow over the second visit to Wakanda as well, especially when the late star is scooping up every Best Actor trophy under the sun for his final performance in Netflix drama Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom, making it all the more painful for fans and his colleagues that he won’t be around to reprise his career-defining role.

Director Ryan Coogler faces the unwanted and incredibly tough task of pushing the narrative forward to keep expanding the mythology while also ensuring that Black Panther 2 pays tribute to the man who brought T’Challa to such iconic life the first time around. And in a new interview, Lupita Nyong’o admitted that the second installment will honor Boseman’s legacy, with the team assembled looking to craft something that they know the erstwhile T’Challa would be proud of.

“It’s still so hard for me to come to terms with his passing, his leadership. He led the movie with such compassion and just presence. When Chadwick came on set, he was present and he brought his entire being to that movie. And he was just so humble as well. That leadership will be missed. I do know for certain he would want us to do this, and I feel what director Ryan Coogler has planned very much honors him and his legacy. So I feel good about going back.”

It’s an unwanted position for Marvel Studios to find themselves in, especially given the popularity of the first movie and what it means to so many people. But fans will at least have the opportunity to hear Boseman as Black Panther one final time when animated series What If…? arrives on Disney Plus this summer, by which point the theatrical sequel will be well into shooting.