Black Panther 2’s Villain Has Been Narrowed Down To Two Choices

Chadwick Boseman Black Panther Character Poster

We don’t know exactly when, but Black Panther 2 is definitely coming sooner rather than later. Marvel has their work cut out for them in serving up a sequel to the smash hit 2018 movie though as one major reason King T’Challa’s first solo film was so good was because of its villain, Michael B. Jordan’s Killmonger. As such, something BP2 definitely needs to do is find a new antagonist who’s just as compelling.

On that note, We Got This Covered has heard that the search for the franchise’s next villain has been narrowed down to two. According to our source, Marvel’s candidates include one iconic comic book character that fans have been waiting to see in the MCU for a long time and another much more obscure figure pulled from the page.

As per previous reports and rumors, one of these is Namor. The Sub-Mariner looks due to make his live-action debut in Phase Four and it seems that Black Panther 2 could be the movie to introduce him to audiences. However, his involvement isn’t set in stone, as Marvel is ready to ship him over to another sequel if there’s no place for him in Wakanda. Namely, Doctor Strange 2

The other choice for BP2‘s villain is Princess Zanda. Debuting in Black Panther #1 back in 1977, Zanda is the ruler of one of Wakanda’s neighbors, Narobia. Classically, she’s obsessed with collecting powerful mystical artifacts. In more recent times, Zanda was driven to an insane rage when she discovered that T’Challa was marrying Storm. If Zanda’s chosen over Namor, she’ll be the third female MCU villain following Thor: Ragnarok‘s Hela and Ant-Man and the Wasp‘s Ghost.

This all comes hot on the heels of those reports which say Killmonger will likely return in Black Panther 2. After his death in the last film, he’s probably not going to be resurrected, but a piece of the mythology introduced in the first movie already revealed how he’ll be brought back. For those who haven’t been keeping up, the villain’s spirit is expected to speak to T’Challa on the ancestral plane.

Black Panther 2 is rumored to be hitting cinema screens in 2021, so it may be some time before we have confirmation on any of this, but tell us, would you like to see Namor in the sequel? Or should he be saved for another movie? Have your say in the comments section below.